Secretary of HCHR

In the Name of God the Compassionate the Merciful


Dr. Kazem Gharibabadi is the Vice-President of the Judiciary for International Affairs and the Secretary-General of the High Council for Human Rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He was born in 1974 and holds a master's degree in Diplomacy and International Organizations and a PhD in Public Law from Allameh Tabatabaei University.

   The most important professional background:

 1. Supervising expert of Asia-Pacific, Department of International Affairs of the Islamic Parliament of I.R. Iran's Parliament, 1996
 2. Director of Asia, Africa, Oceania and Director of Disarmament of the Ministry of Defense, 1996-2003
 3. Director of Communications and International Affairs of Broadcasting Organization of I.R. Iran, 2003-2005
 4. Secretary of the Specialized Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty of the Secretariat of Supreme National Security Council, 2005-2009
 5. Secretary of Nuclear Diplomacy Council, Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs on Nuclear Affairs, and Member of the Nuclear Negotiation Team, 2005-2009
 6. Deputy Director General for Political-International Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2005-2009
 7. Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Netherlands and Permanent Representative to the International Organizations based in The Hague, 2009-2013
8. Senior expert at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2014
 9. Deputy Secretary General for International Affairs and International Judicial Cooperation, the High Council for Human Rights, 2014-2018
 10. Head of the National Committee for UPR (Universal Periodic Review), 2014-2018
 11. Head of the I.R. Iran's Committee on Human Rights Strategy Development, 2014-2018
 12. Head of the Public Diplomacy Committee of the High Council for Human Rights, 2014-2018
 13. Secretary of the Islamic Human Rights Award Committee, 2014-2018
 14. Secretary of the JCPOA Committee and the Supreme National Security Council, 2015-2018
 15. Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, 2018
 16. Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the International Organizations in Vienna, June 2018 – October 2021
Dr. Gharibabadi has participated in more than 220 international meetings and conferences in the fields of disarmament, arms control and human rights as a member, deputy or head of Iranian delegations. He has also held 18 international positions in various international organizations.

Dr. Gharibabadi has published 13 books in the fields of nuclear disarmament and human rights, and more than 50 articles. Two books on human rights have been published under his supervision, too. He has also participated in more than 15 national and international conferences and has presented lectures or articles in specialized fields.